Straumnes Air base station

June 1953: the American army started the construction of a radar air base station on top of mt. Straumnes in the remote Westfjords of Iceland.

January 1958: the first radar became active for use.

August 1960: The operation was closed down.

1991: The American army conducted a cleanup of the area.

In the operational time of under 3 years - the American soldiers based at the station, had to endure incredibly harsh weather conditions in the form of heavy snow and wind.

But the most suffocating condition was the constant fog that covers the edge of the mountain most days of the year.

Strong rumors have always followed the Straumnes Air base station, that some soldiers lost their sanity due to the constant blinding fog. Ending up committing suicide by jumping off the edge of the cliffs into the ocean below.

That rumor was proven to be untrue.

Another rumor was that the army pushed many tons of trash off the cliff into the ocean below

That rumor was true.

Straumnes Air base station 2019

Straumnes Air base station 2019


The Straumnes photography project has been going on for 5 years - starting in Steptember 2015 with the first trip to the mountain. Last photographs were made July 2019 and is currently being edited into a book and limited print editions.

Statement about the Straumnes project.